Care & Cleaning


All our jewellery is tarnish resistant, water resistant and hypoallergenic. As with all jewellery, it requires a little TLC to keep it clean.

We recommend that you always keep your jewellery clean and dry, and store it in a separate area from other metals to avoid reaction between metals. Also avoid hot tubs, hot springs and any chemicals while wearing your items.

Tarnish is the result of oxidation and can be gently cleaned with a polishing cloth. To remove naturally orruring tarnish if need be, you can use a soft polishing cloth, just enusre it is specifically meant for jewellery and from a reputable source.

As you know, 14K Gold Fill jewellery is real gold filled and can wear off if you rub it too hard over time so please do not use a pre-polished jewellery cloths on 14K Gold Filled items. You may use a mild non-abrasive soap, such as pure Castile soap made from olive oil, with warm water. Do not clean in ultrasonic cleaners.

Follow these guidelines and you'll be set up for loving your Isla Rae Jewelry for life!